Lash Extension Care Guidelines

Lash Extensions are the new acrylic nail. For some women, they are even addicting. Once you get them, its hard to go back. If only they were permanent. Here are a few tips to keep them looking good longer.

    • Do not get them wet for 24 hours after application
    • Do not touch them with your fingers
    • Comb through them with a clean Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brush every morning. Invest in a package to keep at home. THIS IS IMPORTANT, using a soiled wand that has been sitting in your makeup bag is not good for the lashes!
    • Avoid over-combing
    • Never pick at them or pull them out
    • Use Oil-Free products near the eyes, has a plethera of options (including makeup remover)
    • Use  a liquid eyeliner instead of a pencil eyeliner
    • Cover the lashes with your lash wand as you apply eyeshadow so that the dust doesn’t settle in them
    • Use an Eyelash Extensions Coating Sealer 
    • This is also important, DO NOT USE REGULAR MASCARA ON THEM when they are looking like they need a fill. Get Extension Specific Mascara

Remember that if you need to take them off, call your lash technician. They have the product and tools to do it safely and can ensure that your natural lashes will not be damaged during the removal process.

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