The Good Kind Of Fake

I think at one point we have all been exposed to seeing someone with a BAD self tanning application {click for laughs}.

For in Salon:
What you need to know is, go to a technician, not a booth! Tan Technicians have the ability to taper the tan off of the areas that tend to take darker. Also, they help you know just  how to stand to get a perfectly even tan. They can also do body contouring to make you look slimmer!

For at Home:
Its all about the Product and Application
*Best Tan for the Value ULTA’s Tan Creme BOGO Right now at
*Best Tan Overall Image Skin Care Face And Body Bronzer
*For the people who shop at I have tried Natural Glow Express , and the light was good for a last minute tan the dark went a bit warm on my skin. (8 hours prior)

Some advice for you before applying a self tanning lotion at home:

  • Shower right before application to get the skin well hydrated and to reduce dry areas taking darker 
  • Shave before to encourage longer wear
  • Exfoliate before application well with something like this Aquasentials Loofah Facial Pad (3pk) to prevent alligator-like fading (speckles)
  • Put lotion on as a buffer on dry hands, knees, elbows, feet and achilles tendon
  • Wash hands immediately after application (pads only)
  • Use a damp towel to blot your hands dry
  • Moisturize frequently throughout the wear of your tan with this tan extender

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