Beauty Sleep Techniques

We all know how important it is to get our beauty rest, but why is it so hard to get to sleep? We may not clinically be diagnosed with insomnia but night after night the mind races and it is so hard to get to sleep. We find ourselves on Social Media Networks or on the Television waiting to get tired but it doesn’t ever work. Here are some tips to calm your body and mind before bedtime and get some real beauty rest!

  1. Start a routine and stick to it. Your body’s natural clock will adjust if you practice discipline. Once you are in bed, don’t get out.
  2. Increase sunlight in your day. Your body clock is assisted by natural sunlight. Increase your outside time and once its dark, your body will naturally get sleepy.
  3. Invest in a cheap sleep mask to create darkness, I like the heavy ones like this. If noise is an issue get silicone moldable earplugs too.
  4. Write tomorrows to-do list before laying down.
  5. Implement a “wind-down” time. This is important. Give yourself a repetitive way to wind down. Make this your “me-time”. For example, read a Book, go on a walk, take a hot bath, or drink some herbal tea and take some Melatonin, then brush your teeth. Give your body a trigger to know that it is bedtime and get a little break from day to day stressors.
  6. Reduce Screen time for 1 hour before bedtime. Screens will stimulate the brain and will make it difficult to slow your thoughts.
  7. Charge your phone in the kitchen and buy a separate Dream Machine Alarm Clock to avoid late night social media and other sleep-impeding habits
  8. Write in a journal to purge trapped thoughts and emotions, or even doodle for 10 minutes. This book can also be your bedside dream journal.
  9. Practice meditation or trace the cursive letters of the word sleep with your mind (easier than counting sheep?
  10. Use a Heating Pad on the place that your body carries stress, mine is the low neck and shoulders, the lowest setting. Works like a dream. 

Think about this…
The following section is an article quote from

Sleep is More Important than Food

 on the HBR Blog Network, written by Tony Schwartz.

“Say you decide to go on a fast, and so you effectively starve yourself for a week. At the end of seven days, how would you be feeling? You’d probably be hungry, perhaps a little weak, and almost certainly somewhat thinner. But basically you’d be fine.

Now let’s say you deprive yourself of sleep for a week. Not so good. After several days, you’d be almost completely unable to function. That’s why Amnesty International lists sleep deprivation as a form of torture….

….Many of the effects we suffer are invisible. Insufficient sleep, for example, deeply impairs our ability to consolidate and stabilize learning that occurs during the waking day. In other words, it wreaks havoc on our memory…

…With sufficient sleep, I feel better, I work with more focus, and I manage my emotions better, which is good for everyone around me. I dislike having even a single day where I haven’t gotten enough sleep, because the impact is immediate and unavoidable. On the rare days that I don’t get enough, I try hard to get at least a 20-30 minute nap in the afternoon. That’s a big help.”

Thanks Tony!

Good luck! Try all ten and let me know how it goes!

Please comment with your favorite way to get to sleep! I AM DEFINITELY TAKING SUGGESTIONS!

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