Brazilian Blowout Explained

Most people have heard rave reviews for brazilian blowouts. But those same people may have heard the warnings and negative media hype about the formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals found in brazilian blowout.

If you are wondering, What is a Brazilian Blowout? Watch this quick video then return to see if this service it safe and right for your hair type.

I am a hairstylist and have gotten two brazilian blowouts so far. I really love how it makes my hair look and feel. I love that my dry-time is decreased by half, I love not having frizz, and I love having smoother, straighter, more manageable hair.

Despite how I like getting them, I personally choose not to offer them to my clients because of the possible chemicals that I would be exposed to on a regular basis. Moderation in all things it what I say. Do I believe its harmful to get a brazilian blowout once every 3 months? No, but how doing them 8 hours a day, everyday? Possibly.. Not worth the risk to find out.

When it comes down to things like this, it always comes back to a personal decisions and weighing the risks. This post is to provide you with enough resources to make a decision if a brazilian blowout is a good option for you.

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PRO Brazilian Blowout

AGAINST Brazilian Blowout

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Something that you can ask your stylist is to see their bottle. Are they using the ZERO formaldehyde solution?

Are you a good candidate?

Is there an at home version of this?

There are many companies trying to replicate this because of how well it works. One that I found at is this Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy. Read it’s Reviews here.

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