Chevron Nails

How amazing are these nails?! My nail girl can do anything. Typically, I dont like wearing acrylic nails because of my hands on occupation. For how cute these are, and the way she does them so thin and short, I can TOTALLY handle them.

She puts on a really thin coat of clear coat to protect the nail during color changes or fills. Then she does a thin colored acrylic.

She offers any design that you can think of.

How she does it is, once the acrylic color coat is  cured on the nail, she gets a specific nail technician drill bit to carve out a design. Then she gets another color, (gold in this picture) and inlays it.

Then, possibly my favorite part is when she slathers my hands up with LaLicious Sugar Kiss Body Butter Most of her clients end up taking a jar home because of the natural ingredients and the smell is to die for. I really wish this link was a “click and sniff” for you all. Next time you need hydration, remember to come back to this post so you can get this kind. So yummy.

Nails done by Hilary Herrera at Ella Bloom Salon and Spa in Lindon, Utah

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