Concealer and Foundation Tips

As an esthetician, I have been on the hunt for the very best makeup for the skin. After all the work and products that I put into my skin, I can’t risk putting bad makeup on that will reverse everything that I’ve worked for to get it looking and feeling great. Here is scoop.

What I have found is that the best thing to use is Camoflauge Makeup
that surgeons use in post surgery. Sounds extreme for every day, but here is why it is the best makeup, especially for every day use.

  • It has 3X the pigment and coverage as the average concealer 
  • You end up using way less product because of the incredible coverage, so it lasts a lot longer. Mine lasted over a year!
  • The pigment is suspended in a 100 % breathable recovery serum (that can even be put on healing wounds and acne) 

Truly, you have got to try a concealer like this, it will completely change your relationship with makeup. No more love-hate, just pure romance. And if you are like me, you will only need to buy one foundation per year! That is awesome.

I get so many compliments on my skin when I wear this stuff.
There are a few brands out there that make camouflage makeup however, I have added my two favorite kinds to this box below.  

It really is so easy to use.
What I do most days for light coverage, is add a pump of the concealer to my daily SPF Moisturizer, mix well then cover the entire face and neck.
When I need to cover flaws or have a medium coverage, I still mix some in with my daily moisturizer and cover the entire face, then ad one half pump to the back of my hand and apply little dots to all the things that I want covered i.e acne, dark cirles, scars) and blend it in with my fingertip.
On nights that I go out or know that I will be getting pictures taken, or just want full coverage, I apply two pumps to the back of my hand, and spread with little strokes over the entire face with this Revlon Foundation Brush. I absolutely love that by buying one concealer, I have 3 different types of coverage that look great.

PHOTO SOURCE Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation 15 ml, Beige

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 11.42.35 AM


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