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Coconut Oil is an Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-microbial and Anti-Fungal moisturizer.

This stuff does amazing things! Once you start using it, its hard not to become addicted. It will replace a lot of what you have in your cabinets. And at the price, it will save you so much on beauty products because it is SO versatile!

My family keeps one large tub Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil — 54 fl oz {highly recommend} in the kitchen and one near the shower for convenience and to prevent cross contamination! You wouldn’t want to find a hair in your food.. Eek!

While googling all of the uses for coconut oil, here is some common uses that I found:

  • helps strengthen your cuticles if you coat them with a thin layer
  • eat a spoonful with vitamins to help absorption
  • great to add to body lotions or use as body wash or shave gel in the shower
  • acts as a natural deodorant if you dab a little under your arms
  • moisturizes your lips
  • put some in bath water for a moisture soak
  • can be used to remove makeup
  • soothes skin irritation, bug bits or stings, athlete’s foot or other fungal infections
  • prevents wrinkles and sagging if you put a little under your eyes
  • can be used as massage oil
  • it acts as a natural sunscreen
  • for hair: leave in for several hours for a natural conditioner, use as a shampoo, mix with honey for a moisturizing hair mask. It’s lightweight and won’t leave your hair greasy if you cover from ends to scalp, just make sure to rinse out with shampoo

{bulleted items source}

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.16.03 PM To get dewey natural cheeks, this website said this about putting it over your makeup to be a cheekbone highlighter!

“Nothing perks up a tired face like a little highlighter, but you don’t need store-bought products to achieve the same effect. Simply sweep a small amount of coconut oil on top of makeup and leave it alone. It looks like your skin but glowier, which is why many natural makeup brands use it as a base ingredient in their formulas. If you’re looking for a more portable option, try the cult favorite Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty, which has a coconut-oil base and light reflecting pigment.”


Here are some great coconut oil beauty recipes for shampoo, lip balm, etc!

I have a challenge for my acne/oily skin readers. I want you to put coconut oil on everyday for 90 days. I want to show you how adding oil can help reduce the production of excess oil and calm inflammation that causes acne. Every week, take notice to your skin and comment with your progress. I think that you will be happy with your skin. Whoever does this will be entered into a grand prize drawing for some of my favorite product! AND I will include some FREE SAMPLES!

{woman photo source}, {coconut photo source}

Coconut Oil


2 thoughts on “Everything Coconut

  1. Kallyne

    1st week not much difference besides my skin feels softer
    2nd week (menstrated) wow not as bad as normal
    3rd week the only shine I have is from the oil for about an hour then soft skin
    4th week I think in the last 3 week I had maybe 1 blemish my skin is so clear soft and feels like it did in my teens think I have less wrinkles too

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