Flat Iron Beach Curls

By now, most people know that you can use a flat iron to make your hair curly, but every once in a while at the salon, I completely blow someones mind with my {favorite} Infrashine Original Professional Ceramic 1 Inch Styling Tool.

Here is a great tutorial for how to make soft curls with a flat iron. However, I do mine a little differently. If you are someone that has a hard time with the hand/eye/mirror coordination and have tried over and over to get  a good curl from your flat iron, try this one trick. When I googled “Flat Iron Curl Tutorial”, I found that everyone is using the straightener with the cord hanging down and the mouth/clamps facing up. Try keeping the cord up and working down the hair! For some reason, this helps me from getting all tangled up with myself.

LET’S TRY IT: Seriously, grab your flat iron right now and we will walk through it together!

Look in the mirror, taking the flat iron by your dominant hand (we will say right for explanatory purposes). Hold the flat iron up and over your head to the left side with the cords facing up. Use your left hand to grab a section. Use a big handful to practice so that you can go slower without damaging the hair (try it cold first). Clamp the section at the root and begin to spiral down in either direction. Your left hand can helps feed the flat iron. After about one full rotation, pinch the flat iron with your left hand and reposition your right hand to keep spiraling down the hair section.  Continue the spiral until the ends of the hair. As you get better, make sure to go a little faster near the ends. They tend to hold more curl and are quicker to damage. For a lasting curl, once you get to the ends, unclamp the flat iron and let the curls cool while spiraled on the outside of the clamps. Keep practicing. You will get it!

mariIn this picture, this client was finished with L’oreal Mythic Oil for Unisex, 4.2 Ounce and L’Oreal Texture Expert Infinium 3 Strong Hold Working Spray Unisex, 11 Ounce and only 10 Curls. This is a super fast way to get body and curl!

For Beach-like waves use 10 or less large-sectioned curls.

For a more curly look, use medium sizes sections in the bottom and smaller ones at the top.

A lot of the times I curl and go, leaving them to set and get messy all on their own.

If you are going out, run your fingers through the curls and whip your hair back and forth while misting some hairspray into it . You will likely need to tame the lioness mess a bit with your finger tips, but then you are set!

Let me know how it goes!

beach curl

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  1. Marilyn

    You always make my hair look fantastic! Now I have to see if I can’t make some magic with my hair, all by myself… Thanks! Love your blog!


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