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That dreaded moment has come when your favorite product won’t squeeze out another drop. So sad. But wait, you just remembered that trick you saw on Pinterest. Thank the heavens for Pinterest!

Yonka, a little french heaven in a bottle with its signature quintessence blend of essential oils, is my tip-top favorite skincare line. Period. Being a frugal esthetician, I focus on results for the price. This product is one of the higher-priced skincare lines that I use, but it is worth every penny. Below is how I stretch that penny a little further.

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***I have oily skin that is sensitive that is very hard to find good product to use because generally products for oily skin are drying or harsh. If you have sensitive skin, this is the absolute best thing that you can be using. It helps my rosy complexion look calm an even and helps my natural oils to regulate.

Simply cut the middle section out of the tube. The top then becomes the lid.

I got an extra two weeks out of this cleanser!

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