Racoon Brand Hair Extensions

Racoon Brand Hair Extensions are one of the best extension brands on the market. While all stylists have their favorite, none will be disappointed with the quality of Racoon Hair and more importantly the bond-in application method.
For someone that likes other types of extensions, Racoon also has bead-in, tape-in, and even clip-in (for the DIY’ers).
Clix Clip-in Hair Extensions – Full-head, 100% Human Hair, Wild Honey (Blonde)

Below is a picture of my client Marley with her first full head of Racoon Extensions. By looking at the picture, there is no need to say that she was very happy with the outcome.


Racoon uses a unique bonding method. The bond itself is made naturally from pine kernel seed and  orange extracts. This natural bond is key to maintaining the integrity of the hair. As extensions grow out, and it comes time to rotate the hair back up to the roots, the bond crumbles to dust when the removal fluid is applied and clamped. This is good because a lot of the damage caused by extensions is in the removal and/or rotation. Racoon has one cardinal rule, NEVER CALL THE BOND “GLUE”. Their bonding method sets them apart along with the quality of the actual hair. I wish that my natural hair felt as good as Racoon hair.IMG_0584

Top banner photo source: Racoon International

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