Personal Training Tips

A few months ago, I did a boot camp at EXL Fitness. During the orientation I learned some invaluable training tips.

Matt, the owner/trainer has a “one habit at a time” motto. As with anything, if you bite off more than you can chew, it’s harder to swallow. 3 Nutritional Tips he had for me while working out were:

  1. Eat your body weight in grams of protein everyday to have enough fuel to build,repai muscle tissue and to burn fat. (if you are more than 30 lbs overweight, only eat your target weight in grams)
  2. Rotate your diet from High Carb Day(carbs with every meal), then Low Carb Day (body weight in carbs) and then No Carb Days (high protein, no carb). 
  3. Most importantly, before, during or immediately after your workout, drink a recovery drink that has a 2:1 Carb:Protein Ratio.Kefir, Protein Shakes with the correct Ratio or even Low-Fat Chocolate milk. THIS IS MANDATORY for gaining muscle quickly because without the correct fuel to build the muscle and burn fat, your body will actually break down its own muscle to use it as fuel and it will be as though you didn’t work out at all!

One of my favorite workouts that we did was with these Resistance Loop Bands! 

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