Questions to Ask Your Lash Technician

How do you know if the person that is going to do your eyelash extensions is good or not? Most times, you don’t. Unless you were referred to them by a good friend. Eyelashes are an important and delicate part of your look. Don’t just trust them to anybody. Here is why…

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Above is a picture that my co-worker Ashley Cranmer, a Lash Extension Specialist, took of someone that came in needing some serious help. This is her quote from a Facebook Post

“A friend of mine came into me with the lashes up top, I told her we needed to remove them and start over. Unfortunately the lashes up top were ruining her real eyelashes and ripping them out, below is her after picture from when I did them. Working on getting her lashes healthy so she can have full beautiful lashes!!!!”


Here are 10 questions to ask your technician before they start:

  1. Are you a licensed and insured professional?  Answer, YES  See this news clip for the reason why!!!
  2. How long have you been doing eyelashes? Everyone progresses at different speeds but ask how long it took after they were trained to feel confident in doing them.
  3. How long does it take you to do a Full Set? and for Fills? Full sets should take a strict minimum of 90 minutes, Maximum 3 hours depending on how quickly they have developed their speed. For fills, between 50-90 minutes should be the answer
  4. What does Full Set mean to you? How often do I get fills? Full Set should mean that they apply an extension to each and every lash. This will provide the best wear for you and keep fills to a minimum. Fills should last 2-4 weeks.
  5. What type of lashes do you use? The most common worn are synthetic minks and real minks. Other synthetics can feel rigid and not soft to the touch.
  6. What lengths do you think that I should wear for my eye shape? Gage their confidence on this one, answers vary.
  7. What curl should I use? Again, gage their confidence. A common curl is a C curl. B is less curly, D is very curly and can look shorter than C. J is for hooded or asian style eyes..
  8. What weight of extension would my lashes tolerate? .2 is a good thickness for most people. Some with very fine lashes prefer .15 because their natural lash wont sag from the excess weight
  9. Is there a chance that I could be allergic to the glue? Yes, there is a chance that anyone can be allergic. The common allergen bases are acrylic or latex depending on the glue they use.
  10. How can you ensure that my eyelashes will not stick together? Lash technicians should know how crucial it is that no lashes should be stuck together!  This can cause a number of issues. Make sure they are constantly separating and allowing for dry time.

What questions do you have about Lash Extensions?

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