Quick and Easy Grey Coverage

If you are not quite ready to embrace the grey hair and are needing to to go to the salon every 4 weeks to cover grey hair regrowth,


You can do it yourself at home in 30 seconds.

It is simply a Colored Dry Shampoo that will literally cover all the grey. There are many different colors and brands of tinted dry shampoo. Each brand with have  a different opacity. The above link is a more expensive version of colored dry shampoo, but will give great coverage. Feel free to browse other kinds and make sure they aren’t “a touch of color” or they may not cover well..

All you do is take the aerosol can, and

  • spray the tint on and surrounding your part
  • then brush your hair back and spray your hairline
  • massage it in with your fingertips

It’s so easy! You don’t even need to do all of your roots, just the ones that show. That way you can save on product and it will last you a long time! 

Something to consider: On the roots, it is important to use the same or a darker not lighter version of your hair color to look natural.

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2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Grey Coverage

  1. Kris

    Why even do this, when you can purchase your favorite hair dye at the store. I purchase 2 colors and get 2 hair color jobs for $8 ea. Can’t beat the price, and I can do it every time I need it since I keep it on hand. Saves me tons of money and is really very easy to do.

    1. bestbeautyadvice Post author

      Yes. This is just a great quick fix though to get you by on those mornings that you realize.. Dang! I NEED TO COLOR THESE ROOTS! Definitely not a permanent solution. It would be way too much work! Power to you if you dare to dye it yourself! If that is where you chose to save money, thats great!


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