Short Hair Extensions

Ever wonder how people can get such clean lines at the base of their haircut? Thick hair! If you don’t naturally have thick hair, here is your solution. Frontal Extensions. I recommend that you get bond-in Racoon Extensions especially for the fronts because they are the least likely to be seen, and you can still put your hair up and have them hidden with this kind.

This picture was a of the model for a Racoon International training that I attended.  As you can see, the front of her hair was much thinner than the back. This technique balances the hair volume throughout the hair and ads length and protection to the front pieces that are so easy to damage.

If thinness in the top of your hair is what bothers you (maybe a bit of scalp showing through your part), I had a client that wore a topper like this. Top Piece Wig You couldn’t even tell after her salon visit. We just had to blend the cut and color! Its was awesome!


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